What is Live Like Ben?

Hey y'all! Maggie here. I thought I'd explain to those of you who may be new or out-of-towners that didn't know Ben. Ben Stephens was one of Genevieve's amazing brothers. On December 30, 2019 Ben was involved in car accident that ultimately took his life on January 20, 2020. Ben was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He never met a stranger and had a heart of gold. Although I only knew Ben for a few weeks before his accident, I learned so much about all the amazing things he had done in his life. Ben bought a school bus and transformed it into a tiny house. I mean, how cool is that? He moved out to Oregon to build tiny houses and rock climb till his heart was content. He and the youngest of the brothers, Jamie, ventured from Mexico to Canada, Jamie on a motorcycle and Ben on a bike. Ben loved adventure, rock climbing, soccer and art. The Stephens Family has created a foundation in his name to continue the incredible kindness Ben demonstrated daily. The Benjamin John Stephens Foundation aims to grant soccer equipment scholarships, art scholarships, and outdoor camping experiences for youth in Oconee and Clarke County. The Live Like Ben mantra is something that everyone who was touched by Ben's extraordinary life has adopted. We are living our days to the fullest, being spontaneous, being kind, being generous, traveling, helping our neighbors, being all around good people. Stay tuned for announcements about the foundation and the foundation launch party. Until then, LLB merch is available here on the Wildflower site. All proceeds will go to the foundation.

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